When your child is full of – – – – !


From time to time my daughter gets full of poop. Ha! Which four letter word were you thinking of?!

She has suffered from constant constipation for about 8 or 9 months. She could go 2, 3 or even 4 days without a bowel movement. Ordinarily, 1 or 2 days may not be a problem, however for my daughter, her non-movement, would lead to rock hard stool.  Her stool was so hard, that she would cry during bowel movements. Her pain was so severe, it would lead to yelling and pleading to me, to help,

mommy please! it hurts! help me Mommy!”

I would cry sitting with her in the bathroom, holding her hand.  I cried and prayed, I was devastated by my failure to spare my daughter this pain. We made appointments after appointments with the doctors for help. They suggest for me to keep a food dairy to track her eating habits and bowel movements, to see if it was a food issue. They suggested removing certain items from her diet. The problem with that was, we eat pretty healthy. Not a lot of fried anything, no sweet drinks or sugary foods. So they suggested cutting out diary and adding more fiber. When this didn’t work they suggested Miralax. They suggested giving this to her daily to keep her stool regular. One doctor suggested she may have to take it for several months, to retrain her body. I didn’t like the sound of that, her having to drink this stuff everyday. I read the label and it is not suggested for long term usage. I was conflicted, but continued to give her this as, I refused to see her suffer through another bowel movement. My confliction because after a week of Miralax, it stopped working, and we were back at square one.

promises promises

There I was, sitting once again next to my daughter, trying to comfort her the best I could, trying not to cry, but overwhelm by her pain. I told myself, this would be the last time. I was determined to figure out how to help her. What could I do? I was trying everything:

What did not work for us
  • prune juice
  • pears
  • apples (not apple sauce as it can make you constipated)
  • Miralax
  • olive oil ( 1 tablespoon)
  • greens (kale, spinach, brussel sprouts)
  • raw veggie drinks (made at home)
  • removing dairy
  • (removing sweets was not an option as my daughter doesn’t eat candy, her choice)
  • water – very important and it is the only thing my daughter drinks, she will not drink anything that is not water.
  • children suppositories
  • chiropractor

If you are lucky, your quest ended with a solution above If you are me, it continued…

Our Holy Grail

Let me digress for a moment. When I was younger and had serious health issues, and diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Disease, I became really sick and in pain. The medical advise I sought was not much help until my husband finally convinced me talk to his herbalist. Feeling hopeless, I allowed him to contact him, this doctor in California. I knew he wouldn’t be able to do much from so far away. A reformed cynic, this doctor totally impressed me and gave me a new respect for alternative medicine. He completely got rid of the symptoms and cured me. I decided to give him try in hopes he could help or cure my daughter.

The doctor sent us medicine to resolve the constipation in addition to some suggestions, as to why she was having this issue and like magic my daughter’s issue, was resolved..so I thought. Not sure if we needed another round to cure her, but due to a mix up at his office, the 2nd round of medicine was sent in the wrong form, and I had to sit through another episode of constipation. This time, like one other resulted in bleeding … (inner monology – worse mommy ever!) I was completely devastated and the next day, I decided I would resort to my home homeopathic remedy. This is when I discovered the power of tea ~

Smooth Move Tea, which I discovered by chance when I was in the organic market searching for anything that might help her.

Smooth Move Tea ingredients are organic senna leaf, organic licorice root, organic bitter fennel fruit, organic sweet orange peel, organic cinnamon bark, organic coriander fruit, organic ginger rhizome and organic orange peel.

Not knowing how it would effect her and if it would work, I made 6 oz and steeped it for several minutes. Surprisingly, her bowels moved and were soft! That was a double bulls eyes! The side effect, was she had to poop several times that day but who cares she was pooping without pain! Bravo MOM!

Happily Ever After

Now we have modified our “recipe” to 2 to 4 ounces about 1 minute steep and only every other day. It was a struggle to get her to drink it because she only likes water, but she understands  that without it she will be in severe pain.  This has been one my most proud accomplishments, because she confidently go to the bathroom with no apprehension and be okay!

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