102℉ what should I do?!?!


ER time? Not quiet yet!  At least not for me, but I am know doctor!

Relatively speaking, my children were born generally healthy. No identified allergens and no life changing illnesses.  Colicky as babies yes, but generally speaking healthy infants.

My oldest very rarely gets sick and when she does it is normally just a cold. My daily regiment consists of, Black Elderberry the liquid kind purchased from a natural store and probioticspowder form, purchase from a natural grocer in the refrigerated section. I like to give probiotics daily, and we purchase the powder form because my eldest doesn’t like to swallow pills. The Black Elderberry, should be daily, but sometimes life gets in the way and I forget (inner monalogue — bad mommy).

When cold and flu season kick in, I step up my game, and try to stay on top of giving them these 2 daily. Most seasons when kids are coming down with really bad stuff, my kids are not. When they do get the ickies, it is because I have fallen short of giving them 1 of the 2, but that’s okay, I am prepared!

Here are some of the ways I combat their sicknesses:

  • Continue with the probiotics and Black Elderberry
  • Zarabees products
  • homemade chicken soup with bone broth 
  • a special tea — this tea is passed on by my husband or has more of a holistic approach. (Ginger, King Radish, Onions, Garlic, Honey) I think he adds one or 2 more things to make it especially gag worthy, yuck! If you can drink, it really does help!
  • jalapeno or habanero pepper  — another one of hubby’s tricks. He has forced me to eat one of these to immediately sweet it out. I have tried then when I am starting to get a cold and after a day it seems to work. If I am really sick I eat one twice or three times a day and feel better after a couple of days! This method is not for the faint of heart! 

These methods usually can get my children in the clear after a couple of days. However life does shadow me around, and I may not always do what it is I need to do and a bad bug sneaks in and hangs out and my babies become really sick and feverish.

Let the body do its work

In a generally healthy body most sickness can be fought off by the body’s natural defenses. I tend to help arm the body’s natural defenses with my suggestions above, but when a fever kicks in I am on high alert. I teeter back and forth with naturally letting the body work itself out and choosing western medicine. I prefer to allow the body to try to do what it was designed to do…fight. Personally, I hate the idea of her body getting so dependent on drugs that it forgets how to do its job. However when my children become feverish, I monitor who is winning this internal battle, the body or the germ?  My eldest has fought a fever from 102, and been fine. When the fever begins to creep past 102, it’s time to call in the reinforcements, tylenol and motrin. My general rule of thumb is to notify my doctor when temperatures get higher than 102 and treated with both tylenol and motrin more than once each. I do this because I am not sure what nasty new bugs are in the area and my doctors do!

What seeking medical advice means

My methods above are always tried prior to seeking medical advice, why? Well, once you get your doctor involved, you must follow their advice, or else!  If you do not, and your child, heaven forbid, becomes more ill, it is neglect. Make no mistake that if something were to happen and you have rejected the advice of a doctor you are willfully neglecting  your child and legal actions can ensue. At this point some of you might think, this is crazy and that you have the choice not to, and this is true, you do not have to however, if your child becomes deathly ill, you will wish you had because you will be liable with no protection. Besides ask your self one question, if you knew what to do why did you seek advice?  You like me were out of idea, we saw our children sick and knew it needed more serious attention, so why would we reject the medical advice of a doctor?  For those of you who think I am absurd to even mention this well your right! However I know people who do just that, reject medical advice. Luckily this has never worked against them but it is important to know that it can!



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