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Dear Avant Garde Moms,

With thousands of mommy blogs out there already, why would you or I decide to read or write another one? Well…think about it, any important topic has numerous resources so why should the job of a mom be any different!?!?

I cannot speak for all moms, but maybe some when I say we want and need support, reassurance, and feedback to feel confident about what we are doing or for questions we have. I mean, I haven’t seen one book that I would consider a silver bullet on how to be a financial adviser/manager, nurse, event planner, scheduler, teacher, housekeeper,chef, life coaches, and CEO of the household. Everyone’s experience is different and I want to share mine as an avant-garde mom and a corky individual period. Often times you will read me playing devil’s advocate with myself, and I do a pretty good job too! However I try to be honest in hopes that someone else can either relate, try something new, or learn from my mess-ups!

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